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The academy is one of only 6 schools in Manchester to be designated a Lead School for the Network of Excellence.

The Curriculum

In ICT and Computing at Key Stage 3, students explore 3 pathways to working with computers.

  • Digital Literacy – We live in the information age, everyone needs to be digitally literate, being able to use digital devices to complete everyday tasks, on the whole young people are used to these devices, it’s our aim that all students can demonstrate how to use them properly and responsibly.
  • ICT – The government recently identified the current generation as being information consumers, student need not only to be able to consume all the information being given to them in the world, but to interpret, interrogate and repackage it.  At Key Stage 3 students use a wide range of specific software packages (Microsoft, Adobe, Serif etc.)  to create bespoke pieces of work
  • Computing – Computing has recently been reintroduced to the Key Stage 3 curriculum and here at CAM we were one step ahead of the game.  Rather than students simply just consuming digital products already in the world, our computing programme of study works at equipping students with the skills to create their own computer programs, being with the basics of writing their own simple procedures, to producing their own interactive games.

At Key Stage 4 students can choose from the following:.

  • Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia - Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia are media sector-focused course, which relate to industry relevant digital media and the part in which they play in our everyday lives from understanding pre-production skills and techniques used in the sector, as well as gaining the knowledge and skills to create digital media products and explore their various applications.   The certificate is made up of a final 75 minute exam worth 25% as well as 3 pieces of coursework worth 25% each.
  • GCSE ICT – Edexcel GCSE ICT provides excellent coverage of Information Technology and digital literacy, and fulfils a significant part of the Key Stage 4 Computing curriculum. Pupils will study two units which will make up a full GCSE – 40% exam, 60% coursework.
  • GCSE Computing - The course gives students a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works. Students will no doubt be familiar with the use of computers and other related technology from their other subjects and elsewhere. However, this course will give them an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, including computer programming, which many students find absorbing. The course provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of computer science. Pupils will sit an exam worth 40% and complete two controlled assessments with a weighting of 30% each.

The Facilities

Here at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester we are very lucky to have the latest ICT facilities.

ICT Department
  • ICT 1 = Apple Mac Suite
  • ICT 2 = PC Suite
  • ICT 3 = PC Suite
  • ICT 4 = PC Suite
  • Sixth Form study area = Apple Mac Suite
  • Each classroom contains a 'Pit Stop' - these are workstations with a Chromebox that students can access independently to support their learning.
  • The academy has a number of iPads used by all subject areas.
  • Each Flexible Learning Zone is equipped with 30 portable netbooks or Chromebooks.
  • Music Suite = Apple Mac Suite
  • PE Department = PC Suite