Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Read here to find out about how CAM supports its students with special educational needs and disabilities.

Photos: our students meet Paralympic medallist Rik Wadden and compete in the Manchester athletics for the hearing impaired.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Ms J McManus and she can be contacted at the academy via enquiries@cam.coop or by phone 0161 795 3005.

At CAM we strive to ensure that every student feels happy, safe and secure and makes outstanding progress. If a student doesn’t make expected progress we talk with the student and parent and review our practice. This may result in more differentiation (where the work is matched to the needs of the student) for the student in the classroom, in-class support or a specific intervention.

We have a dedicated team of Teaching Assistants which provides additional support to the students with SEN and disabilities.

We are aiming that each student with SEN and disabilities will have a key person who is the main link with their family. We will listen to the child’s and parent’s wishes when planning the support.

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