We use a variety of positive rewards for all students to celebrate their achievements in lessons and out of lessons.

  • vivo


Vivos are our online rewards 'currency'. Excellent pieces of work, exemplary attitudes and consistent effort in the academy are rewarded with Vivo points, which can be spent in the online Vivo shop at

We have student Vivo leaders who manage the Vivo shop, act as ambassadors to promote the scheme and who come up with competitions where students can win more Vivos. 

  • Presentation Evening

Rewards assemblies and achievements evenings

We regularly hold assemblies and special evenings to celebrate student achievement, including for success in lessons, exemplary attendance and for living the academy values.

  • Rewards postcard

Postcards home

All our departments send postcards home to let parents and carers know when their child has done something excellent.

Praise Pod

The Praise Pod provides an opportunity for students to have an appointment with the Principal and receive praise and a certificate, which recognises their achievements in the classroom.

Each student is read their individual achievements. All students are seen together in extended tutor time on a Monday at 2.30pm in the conference room on the 1st floor.

Students are nominated by staff (different subjects each week) and are given an appointment to see the Principal on a Monday.

Criteria for the Praise Pod:

  • An outstanding piece of work exceeding the student’s target level. To achieve this, the student will need to work independently and will no doubt have revisited their work a number of times to ensure its quality.
  • A piece of work which reflects outstanding effort & improvement.
  • Demonstrates a real willingness to develop skills to become a great learner. The student will have needed to ensure they are developing the 5 R’s below:

Resilient-persists, overcomes difficulty, takes risks.

Resourceful- shows initiative, demonstrates research skills, creative, works well interdependently.

Reasoning- thinks and reviews, analyses patterns, deals well with conflicting ideas.

Responsible- motivated to pursue goals, acts on feedback, proactive partner in learning, skilled at working collaboratively, shows leadership skills.

Reflective- learns from experience, can improve on own learning, learns from research, helps to create the big picture, makes own connections in learning, reflects and acts on feedback.

Aims of the Praise Pod

  • To raise students’ self esteem.
  • To motivate & encourage students to do their best in lessons.
  • To celebrate success at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester.
  • To embrace student/teacher relationships at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester.
  • To reward and recognise excellent behaviour/attainment and the demonstration of resilience and independence.