Radio Club

Listen to broadcasts from our student Radio Club, where they showcase their oracy skills. 

#7 February 2018

As well as a sneak preview of our academy production, The Wiz, our team interview teachers about their Valentine's Day plans, read a poem called 'Valentine' and find out why there's such a buzz around Chess Club!

#6 (December 2017)

In this festive edition, Radio Club interviews RE Teachers about the true meaning of Christmas. Also, visitors to our Senior Citizens Christmas Party were asked about the Christmases they remember, and they even managed to get some of our teachers to sing a line from their favourite festive songs. 

#5 (June 2017)

Radio Club ask the teachers why Theresa May has called a general election, what CLIFE means and play a game of Guess The Teacher.

#4 (March 2017)

Radio Club visit Angel Square to find out about Fairtrade, plus they interview stars of The Monstrum and talk about a Handball tournament. 

#3 (February 2017)

Radio Club interview Sandy from Grease, find out what the Community Team do, ask Mrs Davies about the Behaviour for Learning project and update us with the latest sports news. 

#2 (December 2016)

In this Christmas special including music from our students, Radio Club meet our Chair of Governors, find out what the Big Band is doing for Christmas, ask a Year 11 student how his revision is going, ask the Sixth Form about their charity appeal and ask Mr Mills about a recent sports match. 

#1 (October 2017)

In their first ever broadcast, our students interview Year 6 pupils from a local school about how they feel about moving to high school. They find out about the EU referendum, ask Mr Shaikh for his view on healthy lifestyles, interview the cast of Grease and find out about the staff football team.