Independent Learning tasks

Each half term, teachers set students a grid of tasks to be completed over a 6 week period. Each grid gives students choices on which tasks to do and how much students wish to challenge themselves – attempting either the ‘core, ‘extension’ or ‘killer’ version of the task.

These tasks might be done at home or using the academy's facilities outside of normal lesson times.

These grids are printed for students in their planners. You can view PDF versions of these below.

Download your child's planner below:

Year 7 Planner
Year 7 Planner  (June-July)
Year 8 Planner
Year 8 Planner  (June-July)
Year 9 Planner
Year 9 Planner  (June-July)
Year 10 Planner
Year 10 Planner  (June-July)

At the end of each half term, teachers will reward students with Vivos. Attempts at the more challenging tasks will earn students even more Vivos which they can spend on the online shop.