Building expansion plans

The academy will be undergoing an exciting expansion which will bring new state-of-the-art facilities to our students and our community. 

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Why is the expansion needed?

Additional school places are required as part of a city-wide programme of school expansion, and building new schools to accommodate the need for secondary school places in the growing city population.
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What are the plans?

The plans include growing the school capacity from c. 900 to 1,500 school places. To accommodate this growth we are planning expanded facilitates including a new Expressive Arts Centre, new teaching facilities and increased sports provision including a running track, climbing wall and fitness suite. There will also be a new library. We hope that many of these new facilities can be accessed by the community.
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When will it be ready?

The build programme is starting in March 2017 and will take 12 months to complete.

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  • New site plan

What are the new facilities being built?

The expansion of the academy includes the following new facilities:
  • A 300 seat performance space which can also be used for other purposes such as exams, music recitals and daily assemblies to relieve pressure on the existing sports hall;
  • 2 Drama studios that can also act as a small student theatre;
  • New Music and Art facilities adjacent to the foyer cafe;
  • Improved sporting provision including additional changing for half years groups; indoor facilities such as a climbing wall and fitness room; and
  • A new 400m running track /grass pitches to the west for use by the school and local community.
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How will this benefit the community?

Increased parking
An additional 85 car park spaces will be provided on site to alleviate pressure on nearby roads for staff and student parking. This will bring the total car parking provision in the site to 175.
Performing arts centre
A new Expressive Performing Arts Centre with a 300 seat performance space. This will also be available for community use as well as exams, music recitals and daily assemblies.
An enlarged Library which can be accessed by the local community.
Running Track
A new 400m running track/grass pitches to the east, with a possibility of an all-weather track for use by the school and local community.
Enhanced landscape proposals around the new building including a new pedestrian path leading to a plaza outside the main building and new community entrance.
Fitness suite
A new fitness suite is included in the proposals. This will be made available for public use.
Climbing wall
The new sports provision will include a state of the art climbing wall which will be made available for public use.
SEN / inclusion
An enlarged SEN (Special Educational Needs) department will also ensure there is greater provision within the academy.
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