Year 9 Options online website opens

In September, our current Year 9 students will be starting some of their GCSE courses. This period of a student’s school life is called Key Stage 4. Students at the academy follow the National Curriculum and, as they move into Year 10, have some choice in the subjects that they would like to study at Key Stage 4. Students will be able to express their preferences for up to 4 Options alongside the core subjects that all students must study.

Options information website goes live

We have created a special online page at which is now live. Full instructions for using this site can be found in the booklet below.

Drop in sessions

These sessions will be in the Cyber Café and refreshments will be available alongside support from our staff. You will be able to access the website and speak to staff about the whole options process on the following days:

We would appreciate you booking these in advance so we can ensure a member of staff is available to help you.

Please see the additional details given in the Options booklet enclosed.


Options Event, Tuesday 31 March 2015, 4pm – 6pm.

Attendance at this event by Parents/Carers and their Year 9 child is essential to make informed choices from the options available, and to fully understand the options process. This event will give families a chance to speak to CAM staff, older students and also representatives from colleges and universities. Furthermore, you will have access to valuable personalised advice on which subjects your child is most likely to succeed in.

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