Year 7 get to grips with Fair Trade at Co-op head office

Our sponsors the Co-op organised a brilliant Fair Trade conference for students from the Co-operative Academy of Manchester and seven other schools which the Co-op sponsors. 
Our Year 7 students took part in workshops to learn about how choosing Fair Trade products makes a difference, including how farmers in developing countries get a Fair Trade premium which can help buy life’s essentials such as clean water. Students also looked at a variety of Fair Trade products and worked with peers from other schools to decide on what difference they can make in their academy communities.
The Year 7 students involved were a true credit to the academy; here’s how they described the event.
"It was very fun and a great opportunity to get to learn about Fair Trade with different schools" Annette
"It was fun learning about Fair Trade", Grace
"I learnt that Fair Trade is a way to pay farmers and workers fairly. It is a system to make sure they get what they deserve and need" Maleeha
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