Vivos Penny Treasures – top tips to be a winner.

Penny Treasures is a competition involving the Vivo shop.  Every day one new item, called a Penny Treasure, is added to the online Vivo shop and is available for only 1V to whoever finds it first.

Each day a different Penny Treasure is made available at a random time between 5pm and 6pm, Mon-Fri.  This Penny Treasure is available to win by any child, in any school with access to the Vivo system, so there is a lot of competition.

We are very fortunate here at the Co-operative Academy of Manchester, to have a student win the Penny Treasure, not once, but twice in a row.  Alan Tran, in Year 7, beat of tough competition back in October, on two consecutive days, to get two fantastic Vivo prizes for just 1V each.  He shares his top tips on becoming a Penny Treasure master.

How did you know when to log onto Vivo to look for the Penny Treasure?

First of all I went onto the Vivo page to get the clue.  The clues are a picture which gives hints at a number.  Work out the number and you know when to go onto Vivo.

With so many other people knowing when to log onto Vivo, how did you manage to get in there first?

I just logged on about five minutes before the Penny Treasure was going to go live.  I then kept refreshing the page and clicking ‘Buy’.  I had to do it lots of times – but it worked!

By Mrs Brice

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