Student interviews teachers on their 21st Century Learning plans

Recently I had an interview with Mr Coe and he told me all about being and becoming a 21st Century Learner. Hopefully this can inspire you to become one as well!

What is a 21st Century Learner?

A 21st Century Learner is somebody who engages with the skills necessary to be a successful citizen.

Here at CAM, we are trying to create engaging lessons that allow students to use technology more and more; it could be an ideal shopping list task in MFL, searching for furniture on Spanish/French websites to furnish your ideal house, or it can be an in depth research project on nuclear energy in Year 8 science. Technology is allowing our students to become even more independent enquirers with the ability to research and create digital projects.

How could this benefit the students here at CAM?

Speaking from experience, students seem to enjoy using technology. Our students use technology every single day, e.g. engaging with videos on YouTube. I want them to have the same experience with their learning.

If a student enjoys a certain area of study, they might watch some videos at home to learn more, then share that with friends.

Hopefully at some point, all lessons/lesson materials will be accessible online, so if a student struggles in class, they can look over it a again to support them in catching up. If we can access lessons and class work any time anywhere we are creating a learning experience that expands way beyond the hour in the classroom.

All in all I believe it will create a more fun, collaborative, inclusive environment where all students are equipped to succeed.

Why should others become a 21st Century Learner?

You are 21st Century Learners. You all engage with technology in some way or another and you are all preparing to enter a world that is engaged by technology. It is your job now to engage with technology we have at the academy, engage with the fantastic lessons that teachers are planning and give us feedback on how we can do even more. If you have any suggestions please send me an e-mail or come and see me.

Thank you for showing an interest in the 21st Century Learners agenda.

Thank you Mr Coe for having this interview and telling us all the details on 21st Century Learners.

By Lola Murphy-Cuka (Year 7)

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