Mrs Crookes’ Year 7 Blog, October 2015

I am extremely pleased and proud to see how well the Year 7 students have made such an impressive, positive start and have settled in at CAM almost immediately.

It is quite daunting for students when they move up to high school, meeting new peers and not always being in the same classes as their friends from primary, but all the students have embraced the transition. There has been lots of positive comments from staff as to how well and quickly they have settled.

Many have joined the after school extra-curricular activities and many are using the homework club which is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2.30pm.  Well done to all the students

Year 7 Settling In Evening

Parents and carers are invited to attend our Year 7 Settling In Evening on Wednesday 4 November, 4pm - 6pm. The evening is a chance for parents/carers of new Year 7 students to come in and raise any questions / talk to someone from our leadership, pastoral and Inclusion teams. 


Photo: Year 7 students visit Ghyll Head Outdoor Education Centre in the Lake District

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