Leadership training for our prefects

On 26 September 2016 the Year 10 and 11 prefects took part in a leadership training day at the Co-op headquarters based at Angel Square, Manchester.  This highly interactive day was packed with team building and leadership activities which gave the prefects a chance to demonstrate their skills and show how they are becoming outstanding prefects and responsible leaders of the future. 

The prefects gave some fantastic presentations and lead some incredibly passionate debates which had everyone present applauding their efforts.    

Richard Sullivan, Senior Leadership Development Manager at the Co-operative Group, also joined the prefects to deliver training on the skills needed to be a great leader.

Following the training day, Mr Brice, Principal at the co-operative academy of Manchester, commented  “It is always fantastic to be involved in the training of our prefects and this year I have been extremely impressed with our young leaders and the dedication and commitment that they have shown.”

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