Labour win the CAM mock election by 1 vote!

Whilst most of our students (apart from a few Sixth Formers) were too young to vote in May’s general election, they certainly weren’t left out of the debate at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester!

Students from all Year Groups put themselves forward to run as candidates for the 5 main English political parties at the CAM Mock Election. Students were taught about elections during Extended Tutor Time and had access to more information in the library and on the VLE.

Our candidates looked at the real policies each party put forward at the real election, and created a campaign putting these policies into their own words and adding their own ‘CAM Policy’. These posters were displayed all around the building.

After a few days of campaigning, it was election time. All students were asked to register to vote (like in a real election) and then cast their votes in the servery.

Turnout was 43% as 288 students out of our 670 chose to cast their vote. The winning party was Labour, who won by just one vote, showing that every vote really does count.

CAM Labour party candidate Eirsa says “I learned about all the parties and how they promise to give more money to the NHS and more. Our CAM pledge was for our Labour party to give more money for school trips. I enjoyed making my campaign video and of course I enjoyed winning. This was a great opportunity for all students to have a say. Thanks everyone who participated.” 

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