Student Journalism: Imperial War Museum Trip

Our History class recently went on our trip to the Imperial War Museum North at MediaCity. This trip was part of our GCSE Controlled Assessment grade and all in all our class enjoyed it.

On arrival to the museum, we were greeted by two lovely people who directed us into the building and into the first part of the museum. We were taken to a classroom-like area where we were greeted by many interesting and informative World War 1 artefacts that had quotes and pictures alongside them. Our task was to find an artefact with a matching quotation and images and then to present to the rest to the class. We found this very different and fun to do, and the artefacts we looked at were very interesting. This unique hands-on experience give us a better insight on what the soldiers and people on the home front had or used in the war era.

Our trip then continued with a tour of the second floor which contained many Nazi Germany related artefacts that had fascinating backstories. This gave us a first-hand insight into the emotions and feelings of people during the war, the social and economic transformations and the traumatic events they went through. By half past 2 we had left the museum filled with excitement and knowledge. We would like to thank the museum’s staff for providing us with a very informative talk. 

By Scott O’Neill-Hearn and Hamzaa Hussain

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