Year 10 prepare to experience the real world

All Year 10 students will be going out on work experience between Monday 15 June – Friday 26 June 2015.  Some of the placements that our students are going to include:-

  • Angel Square (The Co-operative Group’s head office)   
  • FC United Football Club
  • Premier Inn Hotels (various ones round Manchester)
  • Hairdressers
  • Nurseries
  • Primary Schools
  • Manchester Working Ltd (Construction)

Work experience is an important part of the curriculum, and even if students haven’t chosen a placement related to a career they want to go in, they will gain important skills such as:

  • Finding out about their own abilities and limitations
  • Communicating well with all sorts of different people
  • Taking charge of their own future
  • Demonstrating their skills to employers

Here are some top tips for our Year 10 students:

1)      Contact your employer before you start – this may involve ringing or calling in to see them before you start, so that you can find confirm who you will be meeting on your first day and what you will be expected to do.

2)      Transport – make sure that you know what bus or tram you need to get, and work out what time you need to leave the house.  Remember that traffic before 9am is usually busy.  Also, you need to make sure that you apply for an Igo Travel pass, as you won’t be in school uniform and you will have to pay more!

An Igo pass proves that you are under 16 years old, and therefore won’t pay full costs.  This needs to be stamped by the school and takes 10 days to process.  The cost is £5.  (

3)      Attend every day and always arrive in plenty of time - On your first day, make sure that you arrive on time and you know who your contact is

4)      Be enthusiastic and show a positive attitude to your work - If within the organisation, there is something else that you are keen to get involved with, and then ask your supervisor if you can have a go.

5)      Treat everyone with consideration and be polite at all times

6)      Wear appropriate clothing for the placement

7)      Listen carefully to instructions and ask if you do not understand

8)      Think before you act and work safely

9)      If you have a problem with work talk to your supervisor.

10)   If you can’t sort out a problem at work tell your teacher/careers adviser (see contact cards for more details)

11)   Send a ‘thank you’ letter to your placement provider afterwards

During your work experience, why don’t you share your experiences on Twitter by using #CAMlearning

Mrs Godfrey

Information, Guidance & Advice Officer

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