Safe drive, stay alive

By Lauren, Sixth Form student

We went to the Middleton Arena and attended an event known as ‘Safe drive. Stay alive’. Whilst we were there, we listened to a number of professionals discuss their job role with us and go into detail about an incident that they have been called to whilst they were on duty that was a result of drunk, reckless driving.

There were 5 professions and a father that spoke to us about an event that sticks in their mind. One that they would never forget. The incidents were very serious, and in some cases, life threatening which I believe made a variety of people in the audience aware of the dangers that may occur when you get behind the wheel of a car. As the professionals spoke, they were very sincere when delivering their message that everyone should think before they make a silly choice which may impact someone’s life and jeopardise theirs or another individual’s safety.

The father who spoke was a victim, having a daughter stolen from him before her time due to someone getting in a car drunk and deciding to drive under the influence of alcohol. This resulted in a young girl losing her life.

In my personal opinion, I believe that this event was lead very well in terms of informing individuals the dangers of driving; the dangers that may occur due to an individual’s stupidity. 

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