World Peace Day

World Peace Day is a day dedicated to world peace and involves a global ceasefire to help those in war-torn areas. To help promote this in the academy, The Sixth Form decided to make windmills in support of the day. Many paper cuts and splinters later, the windmills were planted outside the academy and the Sixth Form celebrated the freedom brought to those who are less fortunate. Throughout the day the Sixth Form students also strove to be very positive, smiling and complimenting people. I’m happy to say that they pulled through and managed to have a day with little to no negativity.

Mrs Wedderburn, Sixth Form Tutor said: “I thought that the day went really well, and I was very proud of everyone involved in the preparation of the day”

Mrs Hopwood-Ryan, Manager of IE, who supported the students in planning the day said, “It was lovely to see people getting involved in the build up to World Peace Day and I believe that we managed to make people across the academy more aware of the significance of the day”.

By Curtis, Sixth Form student

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