Results of our annual parent/carer survey

Principal Mr Brice shared the results of the 2017 annual survey of parents and carers at the meeting of the Parent Forum on Wednesday 17 May 2017. The Forum is a meeting in which and Carers are invited to have a drink of tea or coffee with the Principal and talk about their views for making our academy even better.

The survey was run by an external company and the data was kept confidential so academy staff do not know how individual parents and carers responded.

The questions parents/carers were asked were:

  1. Thinking back to your experiences with the academy over the last year, what do you think they are doing well? What positive changes have you seen?
  2. What do you think they are not doing so well, and how could this be improved?

    Parents were asked to answer the survey with their eldest child in mind, so that those with more than one child did not have to fill in the survey multiple times. However, to ensure all differing experiences were captured in the feedback, parents were asked the following question:
  3. If you would like to tell us about the experiences of any of your younger children at CAM because they differ significantly, please write them here.

133 parents/carers completed the survey and their results show a high level of satisfaction with the education their child receives. Academy staff have looked at the data for each Year Group, and across three key themes:

  • ADVOCACY – ‘I would recommend this academy to other parents/carers’
  • PRIDE – ‘I am proud that my child is connected with the academy and its achievements’
  • HAPPINESS – ‘My child is happy at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester’

The great majority of parents and carers strongly agreed or agreed with these statements.

In addition, the survey indicated that the academy ensures good behaviour and prepares students well for later life, that the communications with school are good and that we have an effective team of staff.

Some areas of improvement highlighted by the survey include:

  • Increasing awareness of the governing body and how to contact them
  • Practical advice and strategies on how to support learning at home and providing information on reforms to the national education system (especially for Years 9 and 10)
  • Homework
  • Communication regarding after school activities

The academy governors and leadership team will use the results of the survey to plan future improvements to the academy.

Mr Brice is grateful to all parents and carers who have completed the survey and to those who meet with him at Parent Forum to discuss improvements over coffee.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend the next Parent Forum on Wednesday 5 July at 5pm. 

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