Ms Stott drums up support for African playgrounds

Music teacher Ms Stott isn’t just content with making a difference to students at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester; she’s going to spend her summer holidays in Uganda building a playground for less fortunate children.

Ms Stott's charity spirit has spread to students and colleagues, who will be helping her put together a fun fundraising evening at The Co-operative Academy of Manchester which celebrates some of the amazing food, music and culture of the African continent.

Ms Stott says “I got involved because I wanted to make a difference to a part of the world that gives us so much but gets so little in return. As a lover of African music I was interested in experiencing the African culture and was invited by a fellow teacher to go to Uganda to take part in this fantastic project. I am very much looking forward to my fundraising event and hope to raise enough money to reach my £800 target.”

The playground-building programme is organised by a charity called East African Playgrounds, which not only seeks to enrich the lives of children but also to train young men and women across East Africa as builders and welders.

All are welcome to the charity evening which will take place on Thursday 26 May from 6pm until 8pm. Guests will be asked to donate a £3 entrance cost but will be treated to food, face painting and musical performances. 

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