Looking back at our Able and Talented Challenge Evening

One of the highlights of the spring term was the CAM Challenge Evening, in which teams of our Able and Talented students were invited to compete in several mental and a physical challenge in front of their families and friends.

The teams were named after prestigious universities from across the world, answering questions on a number of topics, solving puzzles and taking part in challenges designed to stretch and challenge them. We hope these activities will deepen the students’ love for learning as well as preparing them for the challenges they will face at university.

Mr Patel (who leads on academy-wide Able and Talented schemes) said, “I really enjoyed the evening and seeing the students really enthused and excited about whether they will win. It was tense at times as we saw the students working away in getting the challenges completed and winning points for their team. The panel were fantastic in helping to decide the overall winner and I am really pleased that friends and family for all our students turned up and supported! Looking forward to the CAM Challenge Primary Event in the summer!” 

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