Updated: timetables for Exam revision sessions

Exams have now started and our students - especially in Year 11 - have worked hard and deserve to do well. Our staff have organised revision sessions as per the timetable below:

  • Revision sessions timetable (Half term: May 27-30)
  • Download file

Exam time can be a very stressful time for students and also for their parents/carers, so we would like to share some top tips for both.

Remember all exam timetables and guidance notes are on the exams page.

For students – preparing for the exams:

1. Make sure you eat breakfast! Remember eating improves your memory ability. Eat at home or in the academy, where breakfast is served from 7.40am.

2. Leave home in good time so you can eat, have a drink and are not feeling rushed.

3. Have your exam equipment with you e.g. pen, rubber and ruler and anything else you may need.

4. Know where you need to be - check which room you are sitting your exam in. Seating plans are displayed in Student Services and FLZ 4.

5. Wear your academy uniform for sitting exams.

6. Mobile phones These must not be in the exam location. When you store them away please make sure they are switched off.

7. Make sure you have been to the loo!

For parents and carers – preparing for the exams:

  • Know your child’s exam timetable (put it on a wall planner) is their exam am, pm or both?
  • Allow them plenty of time to wake up; shower and breakfast, if they do not eat breakfast give them an energy giving food (for example, a banana) to take with them.
  • Make sure they have the correct equipment for the exam (pens, rulers etc.)
  • Be aware that they cannot take mobile phones in to the exam hall.
  • If your son/daughter has a medical condition, for example, diabetes or hayfever, make sure the academy know about it. Please provide the Exams Officer with a medical note within 24 hours if your child is ill during an exam
  • If there is an immediate family crisis, for example bereavement, again ensure that the Exams Officer knows about it, and we can give extra support.
  • Tell them they can only try their best and even if they do not do as well as they or you’d hoped, you still love them just as much!

If students and their parents/carers require timetable information or have other issues to contact either the Exams Officer or their LPSO

  • Mrs Elsworth (Exams Officer) and Mrs Carney (Academy Counsellor)
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