Understanding the First World War: student History project

Year 8 students impressed our history teacher, Miss Harrison, when she set them a project about the First World War.

The students were allowed to explore the First World War in different ways, including finding out about their own family history, but they had to do all their own research.

The students approached the task with a great deal of energy and creativity. Some students built models of trenches and others wrote personal diaries for family members or fictional characters.

Miss Harrison decided to give prizes to students to reward them for the sheer effort they put in. The overall winners were Nina Wallace and Rebecca Robey, who will be going on a battlefields trip to Normandy in October. Both these students put in a huge amount of work creating replicas of war time artifacts and even a time capsule from the First World War.

Special mention must also go to the runners up: India Holden-Palmer, Olivia Berry, Sam Kennedy, Josh Obeng, Jack Shields-Bird, Vivien Griffin, Tyriek Irving, Scott O’Neill-Hearn, Megan Carline, Laura Umoh. Savannah Smith and Ceara-Lou Thornhill.   They have all won vouchers for the Arndale centre.

Please look at the photos of their fantastic projects.

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