Debate Mate Urban League competition

10 students travelled to Wright Robinson College to take part in the first round of the Debate Mate Urban League.

The Co-operative Academy of Manchester’s Debate Mate team has grown significantly in the last few weeks, with a number of new debaters joining students who have been taking part in previous years.

We are very proud that our new Debate Mate Club members did not hesitate to say yes to competing against Wright Robinson College, even though they’ve not yet had much time to practice.

Throughout the evening, they certainly proved themselves to be resilient. Our students dug deep and did not let nerves or lack of experience phase them.

The topics debated included whether or not the government should be able to collect email, phone and text message information about its citizens.

Our students won one of the four debates, and we look forward to seeing how they progress in future competitions.

Congratulations to Laura Umoh, Megan Carline, Jasmine Joynt, Vivien Griffin, Kaya Halliday, Sam Sheils, Shaun Robinson, Jack Simmonds, Chelsea Donohue, Martyna Olszewska, James Sheils and Emmanuella Umoh.

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Ms A O’Connor.

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