First wave of university applications from our sixth formers

For the first time since the academy opened in 2010, our sixth formers are applying to university directly from The Co-operative Academy of Manchester.

The academy has a small sixth form in the dedicated space on the second floor. Students in the sixth form follow a personalised learning pathway. Some students are aspiring to success by improving their GCSE Mathematics and English grades alongside other subjects such as IT, Business Studies, Public Services, Art and more.

Vaidotas Petraitis is our first university applicant and has already received an offer from the University of Huddersfield to study Accountancy when he completes his exams. He hopes to hear from the other universities he has applied to soon. At the academy Vaidotas has been studying level 3 Accountancy, Business Studies, ICT and the Public Services course.

Sixth Form students have been encouraged and supported by Mrs Fiddler, Head of Sixth Form as well as other staff including our Information, Advice and Guidance Officer Mrs Godfrey. Post-16 students have benefited from a range of guest speakers and trips to build their aspirations, including presentations about university and finance issues, work experience and volunteering programmes.

Vaidotas’ application has been quickly followed by university applications from Sheila De Sa (Business Studies), Lauren O’Meara (Early Years) and Rebecca McAloney (Early Years).

Head of the Sixth Form Mrs Fiddler says “it’s good that students are raising their own aspirations and looking to better themselves by entering higher education.”

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