Parents, students and teachers come together to ‘take the power’

The Co-operative Academy of Manchester welcomed parents, carers and students to an innovative event on Tuesday 10 December to celebrate and promote resilience and independent learning.

The academy auditorium was packed with local families who came to enjoy a festive evening and to celebrate the talents of our students. It was also an important event for our staff to empower the local community by sharing academy strategies with parents and carers to use at home.

Since opening in 2010, The Co-operative Academy of Manchester has transformed learning opportunities in Higher Blackley through a new, uncompromising ethos. As a result the academy has one of the highest attendance rates in the city and its GCSE results have increased dramatically. In fact, the academy earned a reputation as the most improved school in Manchester in 2013 for the key 5 A*-C measure including Maths and English.

Families attending the evening were shown examples of great learning from around the world and in the academy too. These examples highlighted the importance of positivity, determination and being able to make mistakes (and learn from them). 

There was music from The Co-operative Academy of Manchester Big Band as well as a karate demonstration, street dance and singing performances and a recitation of a poem that students themselves had written. Guests also enjoyed a delicious selection of turkey baguettes, mince pies and mulled wine for the adults, provided by the academy’s own kitchens.

Principal Mrs Leaver uses three key phrases to sum up the academy mind-set: ‘Backbone not wishbone’, ‘dig deep’ and ‘take the power’. Staff at the academy are delighted that so many families ‘took the power’ by attending the evening and by showing their determination to work with the academy to nurture their children’s talents.  

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