Inspiring stories: Councillor Afzal Khan visits

Students on our Community Cohesion Taskforce invited Manchester’s youngest and first Asian Lord Mayor to the academy to inspire their peers. Here’s an article they wrote about the visit.

On Monday 8 July, Councillor Khan honoured us with the chance to listen to his path in life since arriving in this country. 

He met with the student Community Cohesion Taskforce in the morning and then went on to tour the academy with three members of the taskforce. Shaun Robinson, the Chairman of the Taskforce led the tour with Hassan Khan and Megan Balmer. During the tour we took Councillor Khan through the learning zones and the LRC. Councillor Khan then had a meeting with Mrs Leaver.

Later in the day, Councillor Khan gave a speech to some of our EAL (English as an Additional Language) students and all the members of the Taskforce. As an orphan he came over to England with no education and he was already half way through secondary school. Leaving school with 9 ‘no’ levels, he told us how one night he realised that he no longer wanted to be a labourer. So with this, he knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but gradually. He went back to get his basic education, while working different jobs. He told us of his many various jobs, one of his favourites was being a bus driver as he got to interact with the community. This is what we are trying to do as a taskforce.

Written by the student Community Cohesion Taskforce

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