Year 8 Junior Maths Challenge - award winners

At the end of April, a class of Year 8 students took part in the UK Junior Maths Challenge. The challenge is organised by the UK Mathematics Trust and many schools take part.

Five of our students won awards in the challenge. Those students each wrote a comment on how they think they did and how they got through it.

"We took part in a National Maths Challenge and out of all the school, we achieved an award." Megan Burke.

"Some people call it luck but I call it skill." Sam Higham.

"We dug deep." Nyall Jamieson.

"I found it hard but a little skill worked wonders." Kyle Flynn.

"It was hard but our hard work paid off." Hannan Raza.

- Text and photo by Portia Howard and Susan Griffin (post 16 students).

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