Post 16 Public Services visit To Blackley Fire Station

On 12th February 2013 sixth Form pupils currently undertaking a Public Service course at the Co- Operative academy in Blackley attended S17 Blackley Fire Station where they experienced the operational side of the service. Fifteen students attended and took part in Hose drills and Road Traffic Collision training alongside Green Watch.

Prior to this day the young people had received a talk on the Fire service which included types of appliances in use, incidents attended, career path but most importantly how the service works as a team to ensure our aims and objectives are met and how over the years the service has changed with the focus being on Prevention.

Community Safety Advisor and Retained Firefighter Lewis Jeffery said:- ‘The skills the young people learn by doing a public service course will certainly aid their development to join any one of the public services in the future, this practical experience day demonstrated to them why we work as a team and why it’s so important. They were given the opportunity to experience this for themselves during an extrication phase of one of their classmates from a vehicle which had been involved in a RTC scenario’   

The iniative has proved to be a success with the young people and will become a permanent fixture for S17 Green watch.

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