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Photo: students learning about circuits in our after-school Science Club

Science is an exciting subject that explains how things works. Our aim is to develop students’ curiosity about the world they live in, and to give them methods for investigating the world around them.  

Curriculum overview

  • Years 7-8: Four lessons per week looking at key scientific concepts.
  • Years 9-10: Five lessons per week following the Combined Science curriculum. 
  • Year 11: Four lessons per week following the Combined Science curriculum. 

Qualifications entered in Year 11

GCSE Combined Science (Edexcel)

Topics covered

Extra-curricular projects

The Science Teram are very active in sharing their love of all things Science - this includes Science Club and also special events, such as taking a group of students to the National Graphene Institue to work with Nobel Prize winning scientist Professor Sir Konstantin Novoselov. 

  • World class opportunities

Independent Learning Tasks - hall of fame

Scientific concepts explained in cakes

  • Science cakes

See the video below of Cameron's Science Trivia board game