Welcome to Religious Education

At The Co-operative Academy of Manchester we believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn about the religions and cultures of their fellow students and of the wider world. 

Curriculum overview

  • Years 7-8: All students take one lesson per week of RE. 
  • In the spring of Year 8, students choose the options subjects they will take from Year 9 to Year 11. Students and their families are guided through this process through taster lessons, assemblies, our options online guide and a special options information evening. We support all students to choose subjects they will enjoy and which they will succeed in, and which will unlock future opportunities.
  • Year 9-11: Students choosing to continue studies in RE have two lessons per week and look at a variety of moral issues, as well as where different religions stand on these issues.

Students will spend time studying the following religions from Year 7 onwards;

Islam: Past, Present and Future: students will learn about the foundation, key beliefs, practices and traditions of Islam. Pupils will then look at how Muslim teachings can be applied within modern British culture.

Hinduism: An examination of the religious, symbolic and cultural aspects of Hinduism. This will include examination on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi.

Leaders and Religious Inspiration: Students will study some influential people whose religious beliefs inspired them to be leaders in positive causes.

Christian Morals: An introduction to the start of Christianity followed by a focus on the key teachings of Christianity, their influence and role in modern British society.

Religions Around the Globe: A study of the different cultures around the globe, their similarities, differences, strengths and difficulties in a changing world.

Qualifications entered in Year 11

GCSE Ethics and Philosophy (OCR)

Topics covered


Our students take a leading role in organising charity fundraising events. At Christmas, our students collected together well over 100 shoeboxes including gifts for children less fortunate than themselves. 

  • Shoebox appeal 2016