Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages

Learning another language enables students to develop an insight into the cultures of other countries and provides a great sense of achievement. Not only that – it’s also good for improving your memory and multitasking skills, making you smarter!

Curriculum overview

  • Years 7-8: All students take two lessons per week of French or Spanish, exploring topics such as family, hobbies, healthy lifestyles and cultural celebrations.
  • In the spring of Year 8, students choose the options subjects they will take from Year 9 to Year 11. Students and their families are guided through this process through taster lessons, assemblies, our options online guide and a special options information evening. We support all students to choose subjects they will enjoy and which they will succeed in, and which will unlock future opportunities.
  • Years 9-11: Students who choose options in French or Spanish have 2 lessons per week.  

Qualifications entered in Year 11

GCSE French (AQA)
GCSE Spanish (AQA)

We also enter students in Years 10 and 11 into a range of language qualifications where students are able to sit examinations in a home language. Families are advised to contact the Head of our Modern Foreign Languages Department to discuss whether we can support their child to gain additional qualifications.

Topics covered

Extra-curricular projects

Japanese Culture Club is based in the MFL Department, looking at all aspects of Japanese Culture.

Year 8 Lead Learners have been visiting local primary schools to teach French to Year 5 classes.

The MFL Department co-ordinates our whole-academy European Day of Languages celebrations, which have grown bigger and better each year. At the last event, European Languages were brought to life through a variety of cross curricular activities; our iMedia students looked at how WW2 cyphers cracked the German code, Art students learnt about the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos and Tech students baked Dutch apple cakes.

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