Welcome to Citizenship & Sociology

  • Mock election 2017
Citizenship and Sociology are at the heart of contemporary debates about the kind of society we live in. These subjects help students develop skills such as critical thinking, decision making and collaborative working. 

Curriculum overview

  • In the spring of Year 8, students choose the options subjects they will take from Year 9 to Year 11. Students and their families are guided through this process through taster lessons, assemblies, our options online guide and a special options information evening. We support all students to choose subjects they will enjoy and which they will succeed in, and which will unlock future opportunities.
  • Year 9-11: Students choosing these subjects have two lessons per week.

Qualifications entered in Year 11

GCSE Citizenship Studies (AQA)
GCSE Sociology (AQA)

Topics covered


The whole academy was involved in a mock election to coincide with the 2015 and 2017 general elections.