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Our aim is to ensure that all students are given a broad Art education that allows them to explore a wide variety of materials and methods, developing an active interest in the subject.

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Curriculum overview

  • Year 7: All students take one lesson per week of art, exploring topics such as Natural Forms, Portraiture and art from Africa. These topics help students develop a variety of core art techniques and is seen as a vital foundation to their art education.

  • Year 8: Students continue to take one lesson per week of art and begin to further develop their research and design skills. They explore topics such as the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, Pop Art and Architecture.

  • In the spring of Year 8, students choose the options subjects they will take from Year 9 to Year 11. Students and their families are guided through this process through taster lessons, assemblies, our options online guide and a special options information evening. We support all students to choose subjects they will enjoy and which they will succeed in, and which will unlock future opportunities.

  • Years 9-11: Students who choose options in Art or Photography have 2 lessons per week for 3 years.  Art and Photography would suit any student who has an aptitude for, or desire to develop their practical art skills, working in a variety of materials and processes. Art and Photography also develop research and analysis skills and are a key component of the course. 

Qualifications entered in Year 11

GCSE Art and Design (AQA)
GCSE Art and Design - Photography (AQA) 

Topics covered

Extra-curricular projects

As well as opportunities for students to hone their skills and work in our art classrooms after the end of lessons, we also take part in a range of exciting projects including creating props and scenery for our productions, and more!

In summer 2017 we created our BookBench which is currently on display at the Manchester Museum. It's part of a trail - visit the National Literacy Trust to see them all.

  • Book Bench

Recently, we took part in the centenary commemorations of the Battle of the Somme. Students from Years 7, 8 & 9 took part in an art workshop to create tiles commemorating the Battle of the Somme. They researched local people who died in the battle, and the finished tiles became part of the Path of the Remembered. You can see the tiles at https://www.1418now.org.uk/somme100/gallery

  • Somme100