Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) is taught across the academy. Each subject area builds it into their curriculum.

In addition, normal lessons are suspended once a term for Flexible Learning Days. These give students a chance to extend their learning into new areas that might not be covered in their normal subjects. These include topics on personal health, social responsibility and citizenship.

Flexible Learning Mornings create opportunities for students to interact with visitors. These have included universities, drama groups, orchestras, local charities and businesses, including our sponsor The Co-operative Group.

A closer look at SMSC


Spiritual Education:

  • Express your beliefs and be curious about others’ lives.
  • Enjoy investigating the world around you.
  • Be creative and excited by your learning.

Moral Education:

  • Use  your understanding of what is right and wrong.
  • Know that actions have consequences.
  • Investigate and express your views about important moral issues.

Social Education:

  • Use your social skills to enjoy working with everyone.
  • Be cooperative and resolve your conflicts effectively.
  • Take interest in the way different people live.

Cultural Education:

  • Appreciate the importance of different cultures.
  • Celebrate diversity in life.
  • Seize every experience and opportunity that comes your way.

Parents – What can you do at home?

  • Discuss SMSC at home and what it means to your children.
  • Encourage your children to talk to you about current events and topical issues.
  • Discuss how to get involved in your community with your children.
  • Investigate different cultures and the way that different people live around the world.
  • Find opportunities to get your children talking about politics.
  • Find opportunities for your children to be creative and get excited about learning new things.
  • Encourage your children to get involved in sporting activities or join a team or club.
  • Go to museums, galleries, festivals and other events locally.
  • becoming a better you