Able & Talented programme

Our goal is to ensure all our students reach their potential. For some students this includes providing additional challenge to stretch their skills and abilities. 

Able students are those who achieve, or have the potential to achieve significantly above average in academic subjects.

Talented students are those who achieve or have the potential to achieve significantly above average in artistic, sporting, interpersonal or vocational areas. 

Subject teachers identify students who meet the criteria as able and/or talented. A student may be identified as able and/or talented in a number of subjects. Our staff strive for the nomination process to be fully inclusive by looking for any three of the following criteria: 

  • High attainment in ability tests
  • High attainment in end of module tests
  • Level 7/8 target for KS3 or A/A* target at GCSE
  • Parental nomination
  • Peer nomination
  • Teacher nomination through subject-specific checklists

Our Able & Talented Co-ordinator trains teaching staff on how to ensure Able & Talented students are identified and sufficiently challenged in their lessons. The Co-ordinator also identifies enrichment opportunities outside of the academy which can enhance learning.

In addition, Able & Talented students have mentors who they meet to discuss their aspirations.