Gifted, Able & Talented programme

At The Co-operative Academy of Manchester, we are committed to ensuring that all students secure their very best and are encouraged to strive for excellence whilst at school. Gifted, Able and Talented (GAT) provision, is therefore an integral part of the academy’s broader development of maximum inclusion of educational opportunities for all students. Stating our commitment to providing an environment in which all students are enabled to realise their potential and exceed expectations.

How CAM support our GAT students


In-Class Provision

Schemes of work and teachers’ lessons all include levels of differentiation, including but not limited to:

  • Tasks which demand higher order cognitive and intellectual skills to challenge students
  • Access to more advanced resources and materials that support students with the correct level of challenge
  • More complex and open-ended tasks
  • Flexible learning strategies
  • Instructions which utilise a variety of strategies such as tiered assessments, learning centres, independent study and compacting
  • Qualitative modifications in content, process and products
  • Increasing the depth of study of the national curriculum content at all key stages
  • More able subject specific reading lists
  • Extended/Cross-curricular projects

A range of grouping strategies are also used to maximise students’ learning:

  • Setting for certain subjects
  • Kagan groupings and “Home and Away” teams in mixed ability classes, which enable students to study concepts and skills with students of similar abilities.

Out of Class Provision

The study of National Curriculum subjects is augmented and complemented by a range of after-hours, extra-curricular provision which offers extension, mastery and enrichment to pupils in their area(s) of ability and/or interest.  It enables students to examine National Curriculum subjects at greater depth and breadth, and/or to explore additional topics/subjects which they may not otherwise be exposed to within lessons, including but not limited to:

  • After-school clubs and breakfast clubs
  • Focused visits to artistic events, athletic opportunities, exhibitions, performances and sites of importance with the city and nationally
  • College and university visits
  • Study support (organisational and thinking skills)
  • Guest speakers and master classes
  • Signposting students and parents/carers to wider enrichment opportunities outside of the academy
  • School-wide, local, national and international competitions
  • Summer schools and residential courses at Higher Education institutions
  • Brilliant Club
  • Greater Manchester Aim Higher
  • Option for mentors for GAT students
  • GAT afterschool events for most students and their parents