Our academy day (timetable)

  • Quad courtyard

The structure of our day:

Students must be on the academy site by 8.20am for a prompt 8.30am start.

Students are welcome to come earlier for breakfast club, from 7.45am onwards.

The timetable for the day is:

8.30am - Vertical Registration and/or Family Assembly

8.45am - Period 1

9.45am - Period 2 (includes a 15 minute break)

11.00am - Period 3

12.00pm - Period 4 (includes a 30 minute lunch break

1.30pm - Period 5 (until 2.30pm)

MONDAYS ONLY - 2.30pm - Extended Tutor Time (until 3.00pm)

From 2.30 onwards there are enrichment activities and after-school clubs.