Former student gives her views at important London business conference

Alessandra was our Head Girl in 2014-15 and is now studying A Levels at Sixth Form college. Because of our good contacts with The Co-operative Group, she was invited to attend a young people’s business event in London. Here’s an email she sent to the Principal to tell him how it went:

Hello Mr Brice, 

I'm sure that you'd be pleased to know that the London Conference (The Balanced Business Forum) was a success and a great learning experience for me. It was the first one of its kind and I am glad that I was able to attend.

I was able to learn about equal, balanced businesses and how to be a successful leader in the business world. 

I took a group picture with the rest of the board during the gala dinner that took place on Monday evening. Please find it attached to this e-mail.

I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Thank you,


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