Year 7 visit the Rochdale Pioneers Museum

In November a group of Year 7 students visited the Rochdale Pioneers Museum – the birthplace of co-operatives. They learnt how, in 1844, a group of 28 working class people got together and set up a shop on Toad Lane in Rochdale – a shop that would give them and their community a fairer deal than they could get anywhere else. The shop is still there, not part of the fantastic Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

The students took part in a Takeover Day in which they gave the museum staff their opinions on what they liked and what could be improved. The students even took control of the museum’s Twitter feed – have a look at what they published online

I like this museum it is good-educational and fun at the same time! :) (Tegan) #TakeoverDay

— Rochdale Pioneers (@PioneersMuseum) November 22, 2013

hi I'm Declan, and I think the displays and the layout of the information was easy to understand. #TakeoverDay

— Rochdale Pioneers (@PioneersMuseum) November 22, 2013

Anthony: OMG who knew that my birthdate was the same as the first official meeting of the CWS (co-operative wholesale society) #TakeoverDay

— Rochdale Pioneers (@PioneersMuseum) November 22, 2013
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