Post-16 students on work experience

Work experience by Vaidotas Petraitis, George Walker and Carl Ryan

Post 16 students had a choice to be able to experience re the mortgages and able to gain number of skills and develop them in order to succeed in their future life and be gifted with different paths they can make in their near future to fulfil their dreams.

In order to begin experience post 16 students who wanted to participate they was interviewed in professional was which showed them how and why they should have manners, treat their interviews seriously and respect people that they meet. Also they had to show their intelligence and knowledge and inform interviewers why they should choose them.

At the end of the interviews three people was selected and asked to start work experience and observe as well as learn and gain knowledge of real life work.


Me carl and Vaidotas has been working at the cooperative bank and we have been getting more experience in the real working life and I can’t wait to get a job of my own if you have a chance to go on work experience then I think that you should take the amazing opportunity


Well in the bank there are 3 of us doing it there’s me, George and V. We have been doing it for around 5 months and it’s a Great Experience and it gives us the best insight in what a Job behind the desk is like to be honest. Since we have been there we have improved our General and Basic Skills and its making us a lot more mature because they give us the responsibilities of an adult and give us dead lines throughout the day to complete the set tasks and if we don’t do them in the time they have set so like one of the times was to Laminate like 50 Pieces of paper with this Really slow Laminator. I wasn’t best impressed with it but because it was so slow instead of just doing one piece of paper at a time I decided to put 3 in at a time which made it a lot quicker because we only had 30 minutes to do it and we only just did it in time.

They give us a number of Training Sessions to make sure what they have told us has stuck basically so one session could just be about Mortgaging another could be about life in insurance, another could be about home insurance etc… It’s different every day and it’s good to be thinking on what you could be doing because it could be what you think or on tem lines of what u think but it could be the complete Opposite.

Near the middle of the Course they made us create our own Team for the Busy Periods when loads of people are phoning through for Quotes so we had the bright idea to call it ‘The Fulfilment Team’ and basically when were sat in the Team then we are Basically packing Confidential information that the bank needs to make sure dot go missing or gets sent to the wrong people because it has all there bank details on it.

In my personal Opinion if People get the chance I think you should take it with both hands because it’s a Great Experience and you can Gain loads of Life style Skills for the future its highly worth while.

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