Past students now working in the Co-operative's head office

Only last year Hayley Affleck completed her GCSEs and left the Academy, but what a change we saw when she returned this month in her new role as an Apprentice at the Co-operative Group.

Hayley and her colleagues from the Co-operative Group came to help Year 10 discover what the world of work is really like on our Flexible Learning Morning, a special learning time that happens 6 times a year when the normal timetable is suspended for students to learn in different and exciting ways.

Whilst she was here, Mrs Connor interviewed Hayley about her new job:

Where do you work?

In the Training Operations Team in Business Training which is within the Banking Group.

What do you do?

Induction training for new members of staff, administration including updating computer database with feedback

What qualifications are you gaining?

I am undertaking a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration. Once this is completed I will then move onto my Level 3 Apprenticeship.

How did you apply for your apprenticeship with the Co-operative Group?

I was initially interested through attending the sessions the Co-operative held at school and I then applied by the online application form via

Do you enjoy it?

I love it, it’s absolutely amazing. I do lots of different things on a day to day basis.  If I was you now grab this opportunity at it is fantastic.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship at the Co-operative Group?

I certainly would as there are not a lot of jobs for young people nowadays, With an apprenticeship you're earning and working, but you're also learning and getting the qualifications that you need to progress, throughout your working life.  This is a brilliant opportunity and I cannot stress it enough as it is amazing, fun, friendly and you gain a lot of knowledge.


The Academy is very proud of Hayley and was delighted to hear how Hayley and another former student, Robert Allmark, are getting on in their new jobs. It was great to hear from Hayley herself, and staff at the Co-operative have also been in touch to say how our past students are doing.

"Given their confident and professional manner, and their obvious comfort within the business environment, I would have otherwise assumed they had been with the organisation for much longer than just a few months."

Owen Sedgwick-Jell, National Projects Officer, The Co-operative

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