Academy leadership team

Mr Brice
Mr S Brice
Mrs McMorrow
Mrs M McMorrow
Senior Vice Principal
Mr Knowles
Mr J Knowles
Vice Principal
Ms R Hepworth
Ms R Hepworth
Vice Principal
Mr Cooper
Mr S Cooper
Finance Director
Mrs Fiddler
Mrs S Fiddler
Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs Marshall
Mrs G Marshall
Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs Baldwin
Mrs J Baldwin
Assistant Vice Principal
Miss S Whatmough
Miss S Whatmough
Assistant Vice Principal
Mr Haseler
Mr R Haseler
Assistant Vice Principal

You can contact members of the academy leadership team by emailing or calling 0161 795 3005. Please use the email subject line to make your email for the attention of a particular member of staff. 

Specific responsibilities:

  • Mr Brice - Staffing and Performance Management; Admissions; Whole School Issues
  • Mrs McMorrow - Teaching and Learning; Continuous Professional Development; Quality Assurance; Information, Advice and Guidance. Mrs McMorrow is also an Educational Visits Co-ordinator
  • Mr Knowles - Curriculum and Assessment; Timetabling; Reports; E-safety. Mr Knowles is also an Educational Visits Co-ordinator
  • Ms Hepworth - Behaviour and rewards; Pastoral structure; Inclusion and Special Educational Needs. 
  • Mr Cooper - Finance and Facilities
  • Mrs Marshall - Key Stage 4; Raising Standards Leader Year 11 
  • Mrs Baldwin - Key Stage 3; Transition; Options; independent learning tasks; Community engagement. Mrs Baldwin is also the Director of the Learning Zone for Expressive Arts.
  • Miss Whatmough - Raising Standards Leader Year 10. Miss Whatmough is also Director of the Learning Zone for Maths
  • Mr Haseler - Raising Standards Leader Year 9, Narrowing gaps in progress. Mr Haseler is also Director of the Learning Zone for Science and Technology.